Smiley, 22-year-old Brady Scarbough is a father of three and soon to be liver donor. Scarbough is giving part of his liver to 14-year-old Ethan Roth.

"Knowing that I could save a 14-year-old’s life is all that matters to me," Scarbough said.

His little buddy Ethan's has not only been waiting for a transplant for two years, but also lives with cystic fibrosis.

"This man is going to give his liver to my child, I don’t have words, he is saving my sons life basically," Ethan's mom Cynthia Prout said.

Brady said he isn't donating part of his body just because he loves Ethan. The 22-year-old said he lost a friend to suicide and will do it whatever it takes to save any of his friends. He said that death made him want to help Ethan.

“I have never in my life met someone like Brady, whoa I have goosebumps right now, he is an angel,” Prout said.

Everyday Brady calls Ethan to check up. Saturday when he called Ethan the 14-year-old was tired, preparing for the lifesaving surgery in San Fransisco.

"He is going to change my life, it is going to make me feel better," Ethan told ABC10's Anne Di Grazia over the phone.

Surgery is nothing new for Ethan but it is Brady's first time going under the knife. Despite a little nervousness, Brady said he is happy to give Ethan life and hopes to inspire others.

"Even giving someone a few bucks or something else even an organ, it helps in a way."

The surgery is on Monday morning at UCSF. During recovery, Brady will be out of work, there is a Go Fund Me set up to pay medical bills.