No, you're not imagining it: Avocado prices have gone up -- again.

The cost of a single avocado in the grocery store could be anywhere from $2.50 to more than $3 this month, according to Jim Boyce, the General Manager of Produce Express, a vegetable supplier in the Sacramento area.

The hike in prices, Boyce explained, is predominantly due to supply. California's crop came in short this year. In turn, Mexico is increasing the cost of the avocados they import to the United States.

The increased cost impacts both grocery stores and restaurants.

Nicholas Butler, the manager of Midtown sushi restaurant Ju Hachi, said a case of avocados has risen from $20 to $60 over the past year and that they recently had to revamp their menu to include less avocado.

"As the price keeps going up, the natural thing to do is keep making all the rolls and dishes going up on price, but that’s something we don’t want to do to the customers, so we got to probably take avocado out of some of the dishes, maybe be a little more sparing," Butler explained. "But we’d like to find a substitute, we just haven’t found it yet."

Rick Mindermann, the store manager at Sacramento grocery store Corti Brothers, said so far they haven't noticed a change in customers buying avocados, which are currently selling for $2.59 each.

"You can’t substitute an avocado... so for us our customers don’t mind," Mindermann said. "If somebody wants an avocado they're going to buy the avocado."

But, he added, "if it gets up to $2.99 for an avocado, I think that’s kind of the tipping point, people going, 'oh maybe I'm going to hold off on the avocado."

According to Boyce, the next few weeks will be when avocados are at their highest price point. They should hopefully drop a little and then eventually level out by Fall.