The SF Gate is working on stories highlighting people's moves from the Bay Area to Sacramento.

The article mentions Sacramento's affordable housing market and food scene.

Dan Sneed moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento. He now owns a restaurant called TableVine.

"Actually a headhunter sought me out and said there was a great family, the Wongs, doing a project here," Sneed said. "I met them and was excited for what they were doing in Sacramento."

Many of the players in the food scene made a similar move from the Bay Area to Sacramento.

Christopher Sinclair, the bar director at La Cosecha, left five years ago.

"I always had fun whenever I came to visit," said Sinclair. "It was much more reasonable to afford a nice place to live compared to a rundown apartment."

He said in his line of work there were just as many jobs here compared to the Bay Area.

Sinclair said he's happy living and working in Sacramento and loves the quality of life he has here.