Yuba City kicked off the three day celebration of Guru Granth Sahib. People come from all over the world to celebrate.

We had to walk in through a crowd of people to get to the temple after washing our hands, removing our shoes and covering our heads. The worship ceremony inside is for central Guru in the Sikh faith. Sarb Thiara is the secretary of the temple.

“People come and make their wishes and wishes come true,” Thiara said.

It is 24 hours of non-stop prayer, music and food. Thiara said anyone can eat no matter who they are. It is like the Golden Temple in India. He said over 150-thousand people will visit the temple over the weekend.

“For the temple alone there will be a couple million meals for these three days,” He added.

All of the food is free, vegetarian and donated. It is a one of a kind cultural experience with beautiful colors and traditions like Sikh martial arts. One of the temple devotees, Gurmimit Singh said it is the largest Sikh event outside of India.

“It is very true, back in India we all talk about Yuba City, everyone talks about it,” Singh told us.

And if you were wondering why Yuba City is the hub for so many Punjabis, Singh say Agriculture is the reason.

“The fields are so rich here, it is the perfect place for a good livelihood,” he added.

Anyone is welcome to experience a little taste of India, no matter where you are from or what you believe. The event continues tomorrow with a parade from 9a.m. to 3 p.m. make sure to arrive early because it will be busy.