Dozens of birds are falling to their death near a shopping plaza in Natomas.

Truxle Road and Arena Boulevard is home to flock of migrating Heron and Egrets. A man-made pond across the street at an apartment complex seems to be attracting the birds. This isn't the ideal nesting spot because if the baby birds fall out of the trees they hit the pavement and break bones or die instantly.

It's not clear how many years these birds have been nesting there, but an organization called the Sacramento Heron and Egg Rescue started saving the injured birds a few years ago. Volunteer Aaron Hansen picks up fallen birds daily.

"The business is set up in their migratory area. So, It’s kind of a clash between business and nature," Hansen said. Volunteers take the birds to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn. The clinic receives boxes full of injured birds every day.

Dina Catallo is one of the clinic workers at the rescue. Her job is to nurse these birds back to life and return them to their home, but home is a relative term.

"These birds are suited to a wetland era and Sacramento doesn’t have a whole lot of that," Catallo said. As the human population expands over the valley, Heron and water fowl get confused. Man made ponds like ones in Natomas appear to be as good a nesting spot as any. There have been a few different attempts to prevent the birds from nesting in this area but it doesn't seem to be working.

"If you see a bird in danger pick it up and move it," Catallo said.

The apartments and businesses are here to stay. Sacramento Heron an Egg Rescue is focusing their efforts on getting the people who live around the area to pick up the birds and remove them from dangerous situations. If you see a fallen bird best thing to do is call your local animal shelter.