Grass Valley police stopped a man from jumping from a freeway overpass on Tuesday, and the intense moment was all captured on an officer's body camera.

"Police Officers are often called upon in people’s most desperate moments," the police department said on its Facebook page post Thursday morning. The man was trying to commit suicide, according to the Grass Valley Police Department.

Officers arrived and spoke with him for several minutes to try and get him to reconsider, the department said. After several minutes of the officers trying to gain compliance without physical intervention, the man suddenly tried to climb the fence and jump over to a busy highway.

The officers quickly got into action and grabbed the man before he could climb all the way over. After saving him, the department said they were also able to get the man crisis intervention services.

The department's Facebook post includes this disclosure:

Only a portion of the video is shown here and the identity of the individual has been obscured. Please know that Grass Valley Police Department recognizes the sensitivity of these situations for the individuals, family, friends, and first responders involved. We also believe it is important to tell the story of the good work our and other law enforcement officers do each day in their mission to protect our community.