Breweries in the Sacramento area are going family-friendly and making moves in a competitive industry.

At Big Stump Brewery, you have your brews and you have your babies.

"It's great because we like doing things with him," said Will Curto, father. "He's a lot of fun and we enjoy taking him with us."

More and more breweries are inviting kids to hang out.

This is one of the ways to get people to come to visit. There are more than 50 breweries in the Sacramento region.

"Because there were only a handful of breweries you kind of thought 'oh so many will just be busy all the time and everyone loves craft beer and it'll be great you have to take it really seriously,'" Daniel Moffatt, Fountainhead Brewery. "You have to always push yourself."

At Twelve Rounds Brewing, the operation is under new management and the new owners added more activities for kids.

"We have coloring books even for them," said Sarah Clark, Twelve Rounds Brewing. "We have chalk, kid sized tables when they want sit in their little own spots and we have the arcade game."