River Sharp ticks off the items in the plastic bags on the table.

“Chapstick, Band-Aids, handwarmers, socks, deodorant,” he lists.

For people with much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, these are little things.

But as Sharp, 9, knows that for many people, these items are hard-to-get – and much-needed.

At the age of 6, Sharp approached his father, Brian, with the idea for the “Tower of Niceness.” The young boy wanted to start a business – but give all the money to people who are homeless.

“Proud parent moment, for sure,” Brian Sharp said.

Three years ago, River Sharp and his brother, Ryder, raised roughly $1,000 for their goal of helping the less fortunate. This year, their father says the boys have helped raise around $8,000 for their Thanksgiving donation drive, for an annual total of approximately $15,000.

In December, the brothers will be holding a Christmas toy drive.

“We’ve realized there are no limits,” Brian Sharp said. “If you have an idea, there are people who want to help. Sometimes you just have to start.”

Rick Herd, a veteran who has recently gone through some tough times financially, said the Tower of Niceness event will be the highlight of his Thanksgiving holiday. He couldn’t stop smiling after meeting the brothers.

“This is awesome,” he said. “It’s not many times that kids care this much.”