For the Brick brothers, Oct. 9 will always be a significant day.

"You think about everything you lose in life," said John Brick.

On Oct. 9, 2017, the Bricks' home burned down. 29 years ago on the same day, they also lost their father.

John and Tom are twins and grew up together in Yuba County. Their brothers Jeremy and Jesse are also twins, younger by 14 years. With different mothers, Jeremy and Jesse grew up in San Diego. A random sighting on YouTube brought them together for the first time in 25 years.

"That looks like dad!" said John, when he saw the video. "So when we did meet, [it was crazy because] their struggles were the same as ours."

After the loss of their mother, Jeremy felt he wanted to be closer to family. He moved up to Yuba County just three days before the fire.

"I hope [our dad] would be honored," said John. "We did, without his help, find each other."

Even though the Brick brothers now have no home to go to, they're finding comfort in laughing with each other. And just like their last name brought them together, that's how they'll rebuild.

"Brick by brick," said Tom. "Hopefully."