The “I Voted” stickers have been a popular staple of elections for decades. #IVoted has even turned into a trending social media term used by millions across the country.

Jill LaVine, the Registrar of Voters for Sacramento County, said stickers were a part of elections well before she arrived in 1987. At that time, a local realtors association paid to print the stickers, but then there was a ballot measure involving realtors, so at that point, the County began paying for the stickers. Some counties mail the stickers in absentee ballots just to ensure their voters get to take part in the hoopla.

The sticker is like a badge of honor for those who cast their vote, and typically voters where them proudly on election day.

But, this election year, Americans may want, "I voted" stickers that more accurately reflect the way they feel about their choices on the ballot. Introducing: “Brutally Honest Voting Stickers” – a Facebook page that continues to build its fan base by the hour.

The stickers are cheeky, and often reflect, well, brutally honest opinions about the way Americans feel after voting.

Here are some examples:

“I voted and a little piece of me died.”

“I voted and it hurts so bad.”

“I voted and now I’m moving to Canada.”

“I voted and I feel violated.”

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