A Louisiana woman posted a video that went viral this week. She shared an emotional message after a positive police encounter.

"The positive spin is he really was just a nice officer checking to see if I was okay," said the woman in the video. "But the sad piece is that I shouldn't have had to feel this scared."

We caught up with Chief David Swing who is the first vice president for California Police Chiefs Association. Chief Swing offered had a message for the woman in the video.

"If I had an opportunity to speak with that young lady I would certainly thank her for taking the time to post that and to show the positive side of what we do. I'm certainly glad to see that this video has gotten some legs so to speak, and that we are having a conversation about it," said Chief Swing.

"I pulled over immediately and he pulls up behind me and he gets out the car and he motions for me to get out of the car," explained the woman. "And he's talking to me and he said I just wanted to check on you because you were driving under the speed limit. And I kind of laughed, and I said I was going too slow? And he so no...it's just that if drivers are really tired or if they are inebriated they tend to drive slower. I said I just left the base 15 minutes ago and I explained the situation, and he said oh that's great. Thank you for your service. He said I was just checking on you, and as he said that I just broke down crying. I told him I was so scared."

"I agree that she should not have to feel afraid, and I think it is incumbent upon us as law enforcement professionals to help change the narrative that exists today related to policing in California and policing in America," said Chief Swing who reminds us all that traffic stops can be just as nerve-wracking for officers. "We make hundreds of thousands of car stops every single week and month, and it's important to know that those are one of the most dangerous events for a law enforcement officer. They don't know the dangers that are lurking or that are potentially behind that door."