Crews at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services are working 12-hour rotating shifts to respond to 18 fires across the state.

There are at least 1,795 personnel dispatched battling the flames, and we're told that's a conservative number.

"This is a very major event," said Mark Ghilarducci, Director of Cal OES. "It will without question be one of the most severe fires we have ever seen here in California.

"We've had big fires in the past. California is a disaster prone state, but this series of fires -- the impacts have literally been catastrophic."

The director is now requesting additional crews.

"We are going to our sister states in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona to try to pull additional fire units," said Ghilarducci, who feels the recovery will take some time. "This is going to take years. This is a massive effort that is going to require clearing debris and going in and rebuilding these homes and businesses."