The California Department of Transportation has launched a pilot project to better prevent wrong-way crashes.

Several roads in Sacramento and San Diego have been designated for the 2-year test program.

Cal Trans uploaded a video to Youtube explaining their high-tech wrong-way driver detection system, which will alert traffic management and take a photo of the vehicle when a driver approaches an intersection.

“This is the next generation of wrong-way driving countermeasures that were implemented on various off ramps in the Sacramento region," said Cal Trans spokesperson Gilbert Mohtes-Chan. 

Flashing red lights will be added to wrong-way signs to alert drivers when they approach the wrong on-ramp and additional red reflectors will be placed on the road to deter drivers from driving the wrong way.

A video system will be used to study wrong-way driving incidents at these intersections

Less than 1 percent crashes in California each year are a result of wrong-way driving. Most of those incidents involved impaired drivers. 

However, Mohtes-Chan says Cal Trans is working to make our roads safer. 

The data from the University of California Davis study will be used to help Cal Trans better understand why wrong-way crashes occur and be used to help prevent them. 

The program Sacramento program will cost about $650,000.