The California Capital Airshow starts this weekend at Mather Air Base.

You can expect supersonic jets and jumbo planes but what you may not expect, is a flying Jelly Belly, or to be more accurate, a plane with Jelly Belly beans painted all over it. The single engine aircraft serves as Kent Peitsch’s stunt plane and flying billboard.

"It was built in 1941 by Interstate Engineering manifesto out of California." said Peitsch.

Peitsch is an award winning stunt pilot. He bought the plane in 1973 but has only been flying under the Jelly Belly name for the past 10 years.

“I love Jelly Belly!" he said. "It’s a family owned company. You may know them. They are out of Fairfield."

Peitsch says the candy company liked his daring stunt show which involves pieces of the plane falling apart in the air.

“The wheels and parts of the wing come off.” Peitsch said.

When the plane's aileron fall off, you may think the show is over but, it’s not.

"I land the plane on a truck." he said.

With the help of truck driver and friend, Nick Wellenstein, the Jelly Belly plane regains control by resting on top of a moving truck. It may not make a whole lot of sense but Peitsch said the stunt has purpose.

"The reason I do it is to show people that planes can lose parts and still fly." he explained. "It’s to give people confidence about flying."

To really drive his message home, Peitcsh takes the plane high in the air and cuts the engine. He performs a few flips then lands. His final stunt is on the ground.

“I coast all the way to the announcer with the engine off and stop in front of him.”

Peitsch said, he always saves a few extra tricks for the Capital Air Show.