This October has been a devastating month for wildfires in California.

So far, at least 41 people have died in the fires, including a fire crew member that died Monday after losing control of a water tender on a steep road in Napa County.

At least 5,700 homes and business have also been destroyed.

Since last Sunday, Cal Fire says 245,776 acres have burned in the state. That number, combined with totals from earlier in the year has now pushed the total number of acres burned in California this year to over one million.

  • Jan. 1- Oct. 8: 853,457
  • Oct. 8-16: 245,776
  • Total: 1,099,233

That number is likely to rise as firefighters work to put out the fires still burning across the state.

Click here for an interactive map of wildfires in California

The one million acres burned is a staggering number; It doubles the number of acres burned last year. However, it is not a record for the state. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 1.3 million acres burned in 2008.

Acres burned in California per year