Fourteen cases of E. coli are being linked to a single lake in Nevada County, according to public health officials.

Of the 14 cases, 11 have been lab confirmed.

The commonality in all cases appears to be connected to the use of Lake Wildwood’s Commodore Beach, often with unintentional ingestion of the lake water, said Pattie Carter, a coordinator with Nevada County Public Health.

Eleven of the cases have involved children, while the remaining three are adults, Carter wrote in a statement. Four of the children have developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), which is a potentially life-threatening condition with anemia and kidney complications.

Though HUS is a very serious condition, most people who are diagnosed fully recover, according to public health officials.

Public health officials continue to receive new reports of illnesses potentially linked with the outbreak; however, the last known date of exposure was July 23, Carter wrote. Should this remain the last known date of exposure, and if contamination levels drop to a safe point, beaches could possibly reopen as early as Aug. 23.

The current no swim advisory remains in place as long as the beaches are closed.