A San Bernardino police spokesman says two wounded students are in critical condition after a shooting at an elementary school.

Authorities have said the suspect and another adult are dead.

The shooting appears to be domestic in nature, according to local police.

San Bernardino County fire and police are on scene at North Park Elementary School where multiple gunshot wounds were reported, according to a tweets from both departments.

The two students were transported to the hospital, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.

The shooting, which happened in a classroom, appears to be a murder-suicide, Burguan tweeted.

Students at North Park are being taking to Cajon High School for safety. The San Bernardino City Unified School District said the threat had been "neutralized" and that parents could pick up their kids at the high school.

In Dec. 2015, Chicago-born Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his Pakastani wife, Tashfeen Malik, 29, killed 14 people at a holiday party in San Bernardino and were later shot to death by police

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