Remember voting last year? Well, it's almost that time again.

In 2018, California voters will decide on a new governor, a new U.S. senator (maybe) and several ballot measures.

Here are three statewide measures you might vote on in 2018:

1. Gas tax repeal?

If you've bought gas this month, you might have noticed the 12-cent-per-gallon spike. That's to help pay for more than $50 billion in road repairs over the next decade.

But, a ballot measure by state Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) now "in circulation," meaning signatures are being gathered to get it on the ballot, could repeal the gas tax increase.

2. 'Sanctuary state' repeal?

And, California's new 'sanctuary state' law might also be up for repeal. That's also in circulation. The law now bars law enforcement agencies from using resources to detain people for immigration-related purposes.

It also makes schools, hospitals, public libraries and courthouses "safe zones," regardless of one's immigration status.

3. Cage-free animals?

Also in circulation, voters could decide whether to make pigs, calves and egg-laying hens cage-free by 2022. The initiative would give the animals more space in 2019 before they're completely cage-free in 2022.

So your pork, veal and eggs wouldn't come from animals confined in tight spaces.