Staff with Fresno Humane Animal Services has received hundreds of emails from those who want to help relocate nearly 1,000 animals that were rescued from a hot truck Monday.

Right now 955 animals, including rabbits, a variety of birds and guinea pigs are being housed inside an air-conditioned warehouse managed by the Fresno Humane Animal Services, following the rescue.

Shelter staff is hoping to adopt out all of the animals as soon as possible; however, despite its low rate for euthanasia, the shelter does not have a no-kill policy, said Brenda Mitchell, a staff member with Fresno Humane Animal Service. The condition of the animals will also play a role in how likely their adoption will be.

Humane Animal Services, which typically shelters dogs and cats, has had about a 14 percent rate of euthanasia, Mitchell said. She added the sudden influx of animals took staff off guard.

Once the criminal investigation surrounding the animals is completed and they are ready to be adopted, staff would begin transporting them to those locations.

The wayward animals were rescued from a truck trailer California authorities seized Monday. Those authorities said when they found the animals, 18 were already dead from the heat and 10 more had died since being rescued.

The truck’s interior was 107 degrees Fahreheit (42 degrees Celsius), according to law enforcement.

Mitchell said she and the rest of shelter staff would assist law enforcement finding the suspect, who they believe was trying to sell the animals at an upcoming convention.

Those interested can drop off donations during business hours at the shelter, 760 W. Nielsen Ave., or donate through Facebook or the Fresno Humane Animal Services website or go to