Law enforcement officials out of Nevada County confirm the Amber Alert search is over for 35-year-old Hannah Ashley and her son 7-month-old Henry Massey. The two were last seen in Sonoma County before they were found in Downieville.

Locals tell ABC 10 Ashley sped through town at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday. She left her SUV on a dead end road then walked into town.

Law enforcement had followed her into Downieville but lost her.

A local grocer spotted Ashley walking downtown with a beach bag. Joseph Misita said Ashely was spotted right after she smoked with his friends. He said while talking to the 35-year-old he has no idea a baby was in her bag

“She was holding it, asked us for a cigarette, we didn’t know there was a baby in the bag, and it was in there and naked, we didn’t even know” Misita said.

Downieville is a very small town so locals said it was easy to spot an out-of-towner. Many took photos of the arrest and of baby Henry’s rescue.

“It’s really wonderful that she was found,” local Liz Fisher said.

Other community members along with Fisher said they are at peace knowing everyone is safe. We asked Ashely for a jailhouse interview and she declined.

"It's terrible what i is going on her life that she felt the need to do this, that's not a happy ending for her but for the baby yes, the happy little baby," Fisher said.