Placer County sheriff’s detectives have recovered a body from Lake Tahoe believed to be that of missing paddle boarder Marc Ma, who presumably drowned last summer.

Sheriff’s deputies said a camera spotted the body 240 feet below the surface of the water just after 1 p.m. Monday.

Ma, a football player at the University of Reno, Nevada, went paddle boarding on June 10, 2016 with a group of his fellow players from school.

Investigators believe when winds picked up along the water, Ma and his friends started making their way to a nearby marina. Ma, however, never made it to that marina, and was never seen again, deputies said.

A private investigator, Keith Cormican, was hired by Ma’s family, and with the help of a specialized robotic camera, he made the discovery. The body was recovered close to the West Shore Café area where he was last seen.

Cormican drove 2,100 miles from Wisconsin to help the family out. He works with an organization called Bruce's Legacy. It was created in memory of his big brother, a former firefighter.

"It's a story that started 21 years ago," Cormican said. "My brother ended up drowning in the recovery of a drowning victim."

Bruce's Legacy helps search for possible drowned victims for free.

Dave Hunt of the Placer County Sheriff's Office says the body was easier to spot now thanks to improvements in technology.

"I think with a new set of eyes looking at the cameras and having the best technology out there [helped]," said Hunt. "The body has been [missing] over a year. It was easier to spot this time."