California Attorney General Xavier Becerra had a message for the Trump administration Tuesday.

"We are ready to sue to defend the DACA program," said Becerra. "We believe the Trump administration has violated the Constitution and federal law."

Becerra, along with state Senate Leader Kevin de León and Secretary of State Alex Padilla, bashed Trump after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the U.S. would rescind the DACA program, which gives nearly 800,000 immigrants temporary protection from deportation.

Padilla, for example, referenced Trump's comments in February when he said that he'd show "great heart" towards DACA.

"What we saw today is a decision that did not show great heart, it showed callousness and cowardliness," said Padilla.

As for what the state Legislature could do regarding the DACA decision, de León did not go into specifics, but said there is a "team of lawyers" looking into the legal issues.