Legislators are taking action into thwarting rape culture with a newly proposed bill geared towards stopping a trend called "stealthing."

If you have never heard of stealthing, well, it's when a person removes a condom without the permission or consent from their partner during sex.

California current law's language doesn't classify stealthing within the confines of rape, but Assembly Bill 1033, introduced on Monday, May 15, would add this as a nonconsensual act.

Backers of the measure feel that along with the violation of consent, victims are potentially being exposed to things like sexually transmitted diseases, unsolicited pregnancy and more.

The Chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus, Assembly member Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens, is leading the charge in this fight.

“Stealthing is rape,” Garcia said in a press release. “Penetration without consent is rape.”

“Stealthing is another sign that some men think they can still own our bodies,” Garcia added. “I hope all the men out there blogging are paying attention because in California we’re going to lead the nation in ending the 'trend' now."

Though this is not new, with cases popping up around the country, nobody should be expecting the conversation to go away anytime soon.