It may not seem like it, but the 2018 election cycle is right around the corner.

California's top elections official, Secretary of State Alex Padilla, sat down with ABC10 Tuesday to talk about how much easier it'll be to vote next year.

For one, starting in April 2018, when you renew your driver's license, voter registration is automatic, unless you opt out.

In Sacramento County, Padilla also noted that ballots will be mailed to homes four weeks before the election.

"You won't have to ask for it, you won't need an excuse, you'll automatically get your ballot," said Padilla.

While most voters cast their ballot by mail, there will also be vote centers where people can cast their ballot in-person, anywhere in their county.

Although the turnout is usually much lower for non-presidential elections, Californians will vote for a new governor in 2018.

Ballot measures, at least for counties in the Bay Area, could include deciding on whether to raise tolls on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge as well.

The current political climate may motivate people one way or the other, too.

"People are paying attention, people are energized," said Padilla.