Despite poor visibility and an abundance of snowfall, Caltrans officials have decided to reopen a portion of Interstate 80 that had been closed since Saturday night.

Crews reopened I-80 in both directions between Colfax and Truckee just after 2 p.m., but it would only be to passenger vehicles, not big rigs, according to Caltrans.

Snow and a lack of visibility was keeping I-80 closed throughout the Sierra Nevada Sunday as motorists, Caltrans crews and California Highway Patrol endure cold and snowy weather.

It’s a lack of visibility, Caltrans crews said, that is keeping I-80 closed in both directions from Colfax to Stateline.

I-80 was closed around 10 p.m. Saturday. It was expected weather would improve and allow for the interstate to reopen around noon on Sunday.

However, noon came and went, and Caltrans crews made the decision to keep portions of I-80 closed. Officials said another update on the conditions would be provided around 4 p.m.

Caltrans superintendent Dave Wood recorded a video which was later posted to the agency’s Twitter page.

“Very heavy snowfall and it’s cold,” Wood said. “The snow is not melting at all. It’s incredibly slick. We’re going to keep the road closed until there is a change in conditions.”