Caltrans is looking to widen the Capital City Freeway, but would that really help with congestion?

The proposed $575 million project would widen the freeway from east of E Street to west of Exposition Boulevard. A 15-foot wide shoulder in both directions for buses and other public transit is also among the proposed changes.

Professor Susan Handy is director of the National Center for Sustainable Transportation at University of California, Davis. She said an expanded freeway may mean more cars on the road.

"If we expand the freeway, what are we doing? We're making it easier for people to travel," said Handy. "You may be carrying more cars through that stretch of roadway -- and that can be a good thing -- but you're not solving the congestion problem."

According to Caltrans, drivers saw more than two million hours of delays on the freeway last year. In 2013, a Caltrans investigation addressed the need for "capacity improvements" on the freeway.

Construction would start in 2023 if approved, but no word yet on a specific funding source.

A meeting on the freeway project is set for Oct. 5 from 3 p.m. to 7p.m. in the Cal Expo Administration Building on Exposition Boulevard.