Favorable wind conditions slowed a fire in Sonoma County’s Hood Mountain Recreation area.

The fire started early Saturday morning north of Kenwood. Just after night fall flames made their way to the bottom of the mountain inching towards the evacuated Sonoma County Juvenile Detention center.

Conditions were just right for fire crews to use a unique containment technique called back burning. Essentially its fighting fire with fire.

Diesel fueled drip torches and “firework like” incendiary devices were used burn grass and dried debris in front of the flames. This process is used to remove fuel in front a fire with the hopes that it will burn itself out.

The process worked.

The purposely set fire made its way up hill and collided with the downhill moving wild fire.

With the flames under control, fire crews could move to other areas. Fire crews only use back burning when wind conditions are right and there is no threat to people or fire crews.