A male birth control shot is nearly 96 percent effective, but a study on it ended early after participants had negative side effects including mood swings, an altered libido and acne.

Most of the side effects are what women feel who take birth control.

We went out to Del Campo Dance Studio and talked with some people taking lessons who told us it takes two to tango.

"I don't know," said Andrew Perez, one of the people taking lessons. "I feel like it's fair for guys to take birth control too."

The study also got a lot of attention outside the dance studio. Some people we talked with in downtown Sacramento said they heard about it on Facebook.

The birth control shot was pretty effective according to the study, but it all depends if people are willing to take it.

"My girlfriend is pregnant so I get it I wouldn't want to deal with the side effects either," said Jesus Renteria at the dance studio.

More than 75 percent of participants in the study said they would be willing to use the birth control shot.