Ever since California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon put a bill over single-payer health care on hold last week, criticism has continued to flood in.

But death threats? That's an uncomfortable norm.

"I'm concerned about the death threats," Rendon said Wednesday. "Obviously, it's something that unfortunately has become sort of a part of serving in elective office in the United States."

Health care advocates rallied at the Capitol Wednesday, some had signs showing a California bear being stabbed in the back with a knife that said "Rendon."

The legislation has even attracted the attention of Sen. Bernie Sanders and filmmaker Michael Moore, who weighed in on Twitter:

Rendon putting the legislation, which would guarantee coverage and create a single-payer health care system, on hold does not mean its a dead bill. But the cost question lingers.

"I want the state Senate to come back with a funding mechanism, this is a $400 billion program," he said.