Deputies have to be brave in the line of duty. And sometimes they have to be brave off duty, too.

And sometimes that bravery transcends bounds and places a deputy on top of a skateboard ramp as a professional razor scooter riders flies over his head.

That’s what happened to Placer County sheriff’s Sgt. Ty Conners Sunday when he volunteered (VOLUNTEERED?) to be pro rider Chandler Dunn’s victi…we mean assistant in a stunt during the Placer County Fair.

As evidenced in the video, Conners sits stoic as Dunn soars into the air aboard his scooter, flying high over the deputy’s head.

Conners apparently volunteered for the event to bring attention to the City of Colfax's Skate Park project.

He and his team of deputies are big supports of the proposed project, sheriff’s officials wrote in a Facebook post.