A driver has been arrested following a series of incidents in which he allegedly plowed into several cars in front of him in Huntington Park.

One of the frightening incidents was captured on video, in which the driver repeatedly rammed his car into another car in front of him.

Several eyewitnesses stood and watched from a sidewalk, many using their phones to video the wild scene playing out in front of them.

ABC7 in Los Angeles reports the victim in the car in front of the suspect sustained minor injuries, according to authorities.

The video shows the suspect eventually speeding off through an intersection, striking the victim’s car one last time before speeding off erratically toward the horizon.

Police told ABC7 officers eventually caught up with the suspect after hitting a total of five parked cars.

When officers found the suspect, police told ABC7 the suspect’s car was on fire and inoperable.

The suspect was hospitalized for minor injuries, according to police. He was later booked into jail.