41 homes have been destroyed in the Wall Fire burning in Butte County. Tuesday morning evacuees gathered at the Oroville Municipal Center to find out if they were victims. Inside the center different agencies were organized to work with people who lost their homes.

Many who waited in line to find out the fate of their homes were anxious, some crying and others already coming to terms with the loss.

“It’s just a house, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” one woman said as she thumbed through photos of ash and soot.

75-year-old Robert Hunziker stood among the other evacuees, thinking about all he left inside his home.

“I am expecting the worst and hoping for the best, putting it in God’s hands,” Hunziker said, “There are things you can’t replace like heirlooms, photos.”

“They didn’t tell me anything except that there is a structure still standing,” Hunziker said.

He did not know what structure that was so he asked ABC 10’s Anne Di Grazia to check for him.

Once she arrived to his address she confirmed his residence with a neighbor. Low and behold Hunziker’s home of 50 years was untouched and there was no damage in sight.

We stopped by the shelter and couldn’t find Hunziker so if he is reading this, Robert, your home is alright.