On Sunday evening, the father of a 2-year-old boy who was shot earlier in the afternoon, was shot too after the alleged "attempted assassination" of two Vallejo Police officers.

Vallejo Police say Adam Powell, 41, of Suisun City, pulled out an assault rifle loaded with 70 rounds of ammunition in a barrel magazine. When he tried to shoot two officers taking a coffee break at Starbucks, his weapon jammed.

Police say Powell also had a loaded handgun and body armor.

When the police officers pulled out their weapons, Powell took off and was caught a few blocks away from the coffee shop. Police say he was trying to clear his weapon, which was a clear indication he was not going to surrender. The officers fired their weapons, hitting Powell three times. They started first-aid to save his life and he was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Just five hours before, Powell's 2-year-old son, Adonis, was shot at a home in Suisun City. Police said they're still investigating the shooting, but initial reports indicate that it was an accident.

Adonis' older sister, Breauna Bower, said the 2-year-old’s shooting was why Powell tried to shoot police. Powell is her mother's boyfriend and she sees him as a step-father.

"He's a really good man. I don't know what would've went through this mind, but he's really good man," Bower said. "Anybody out there, do not look at him as a suspect. He probably was really distraught."

Police said Powell took off before they arrived and that they haven't been able to locate the gun that shot Adonis. They're not sure where Powell was between the time his son was shot and when he attacked police, but they say he drove by the Starbucks six minutes before he made a move, calling it a premeditated ambush during a time officers are already on alert of being attacked.

"I assume he possibly thought his son was dead and was just distracted. And just wanted to commit suicide in a certain way. Who knows, who knows," Bower said. "He saw his son the way he did."

For now, even his family has questions that won't be answered. Both Powell and his 2-year-old son are in critical condition, leaving their loved ones to hope for the best.

Meanwhile, both Vallejo and Suisun City Police have a lot to investigate from the time Adonis and his father were shot. Police say Powell does have a criminal record, including a felony, and legally cannot carry a gun.

The two officers involved were not injured. Police say an even bigger tragedy was avoided by the officers, who reacted so quickly.