A Northern California family is giving up their business to start a non-profit for burn victims in Colombia.

Frank Britton and wife Jackie Godinez of Pineridge California, have started A Child’s Hope Burn Foundation that is helping children who have suffered burns get the care they need.

Britton felt compelled to do something after his 7-year-old cousin, Santiago Ramierez Gallego, was injured in an accident while playing with fire. He helped the boy get access to care through Shriners Hospital in Sacramento after the accident. However, he realized how difficult it was for the family to bring the boy to the U.S. for care.

The family owns a senior care business that provides in home care, cleaning, and landscaping for elderly residents in Amador County. They are now transitioning from that business to go focus on helping burn victims get

They are running the foundation out of a home office and are currently seeking non-profit status. They are currently working to bring another child from Colombia to get treatment.

Nicol Mosquera, 10, was burned when the television in her bedroom caught fire. She will need a series of surgeries. You can help by contributing to a Go Fund Me.