Wondering about the calories in that juicy, restaurant cheeseburger? Or the dressing in your kale salad?

Well, a Food and Drug Administration delay may make it harder for folks trying to watch what they eat.

Last month, the FDA delayed a rule that would require calorie counts on menus in eating establishments with 20 or more locations. The nutrition labeling would have also applied to fast-food spots, movie popcorn and even some alcoholic beverages.

"If people read them, and they don't read them, they may not buy the product, and you wouldn't want anything, if you're the company, to delay people in buying products," University of California, Davis nutritionist Judith Stern said.

The FDA said the delay, which is until May 2018, "allows for further consideration," giving food providers flexibility.

Nonetheless, Stern has one tip for calorie counters -- eat dessert first.

"You order it, you'll eat what you want of it, and then you won't overeat dessert," she said.