Imagine having to keep track of hundreds of children.

That's the job of a foster care attorney. But, $22 million in additional funding in the state budget will help ease the caseload, particularly in bigger counties across the state.

"What happens with these large caseloads is the lawyers find themselves in a triage mode, where they're only able to deal with the emergencies," said Leslie Starr Heimov, Children's Law Center of California Executive Director.

About 70,000 children statewide are in the foster care system.

Heimov notes that some attorneys could have as much as 350 cases. The recommended average is 188 cases per one foster care attorney. And the funding will help achieve that average.

Some counties may actually see more cases as a result of the funding because they're below the average.

Heimov said the Children's Law Center is pleased with the additional funding. However, the average number is still high.

"None of us think that 188 is actually a good number," she said. "Realistically, it should probably be closer to, somewhere between 100 and 140."