Fresno police are trying to reconnect a woman, found wandering in the middle of an intersection mostly naked, with family and/or friends.

The woman, who answered most questions with “I don’t know” and referred to herself as a mermaid named “Joanna,” said she had recently been in the water, police said.

“Joanna” was found walking in the middle of the street on Millerton Road, about a mile south of Table Mountain Casino near the intersection of Millerton and Brighton Crest Drive, across from the Eagle Spring Golf & Country Club.

When she was found, police said the woman’s hair was wet, she was wearing only a black sports bra. Police described the woman as white and/or Hispanic with brown hair and brown eyes. She stands about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds and she has webbed toes on both feet.

Those with any information related to the woman can call police at 559-621-2455.