At Swirlz in Sonora, you can get a cake batter frozen yogurt topped with chocolate sauce and M&Ms.

And at the same time, you'll get some pretty amazing service.

Swirlz opened last November with the goal of providing meaningful work to people of all abilities. The inspiration? Owner Kimberly Darr's 19-year-old daughter, Sinclair Darr, who has Down Syndrome. Here's how Sinclair describes Down Syndrome.

"I like it, actually. I love being me," Sinclair said.

That confidence comes in large part from being able to work at Swirlz.

“I follow my dreams. I work the shop,” Sinclair explained.

Darr opened the shop in November 2015 to give meaningful work to people of all abilities.

“I remember the NICU Doctor coming in and telling us to be prepared that [Sinclair] would never get married, she'd never have a job,” Darr. Not only does Sinclair have a job, she was also crowned homecoming queen two years ago – another feat doctors would hardly have predicted when Sinclair was born.

In addition to Sinclair, Swirlz employs Tim Collie, who also has Down Syndrome. Collie told ABC10 News that he was saving up his paycheck to one day take a cruise.

And while Darr has much to be proud of, she shrugs off praise, saying she’s just doing what any other “mama bear” would do.

“I think being a parent – that part never ends,” Darr said.

Swirlz is located at 13757 Mono Way in Sonora, Calif.