Gov. Jerry Brown calls it holding their feet to the fire.

The governor's 90-page revision to the state budget includes withholding $50 million to the University of California until "the Auditor's recommendations and other UC commitments are implemented."

You may remember that a blistering state audit found that the Office of the President hid $175 million from the public and the university's Board of Regents. Some state lawmakers called it "troubling."

Moreover, the audit also found that more than $21 million was spent in employee benefits -- including lodging and meals.

"I have my issues with the university, I think their salaries are way too high, particularly the administrators," Brown said during a Thursday morning presser on the revised budget.

UC president Janet Napolitano apologized last week for how campus responses were handled during the audit. State auditor Elaine Howle said it was difficult to get access to information.

The auditor's office recommended -- among other things -- that the university set targets for employee benefits and report funds to the Board of Regents.

UC's Office of the President could not be reached for comment Thursday when asked about Gov. Brown's budget revision.