It’s not all that uncommon to smell something a little stinky near an agricultural area, but this week around Yuba City the scent was not pleasant.

“People say it smells like poop, but it doesn’t just smell like that. It smells like old moldy peaches and poop mix.”

That’s the report according to two local kids, Ariella and Amara. They got a whiff near their school.

Others were blaming the family dog.

“I remember being in the car with my cousin just the other day and we were checking our shoes, like who did it? Who stepped in it?” recalled Ross Tiner.

The Feather River Air Quality Management District which covers Sutter and Yuba Counties got nearly 100 complaints starting Wednesday.

“Our phone system went down a couple of times because of the volume of calls,” said Air Pollution Control Officer Christopher Brown.

Brown said the culprit appears to be a local orchard using organic fertilizer.

“We believe what it is is chicken manure. We thought for a while it was pig manure, but I understand there’s feathers in it so that probably means chicken,” Brown said.

He said the complaints were interesting based on location.

“We were getting complaints from multiple locations 20 miles apart and that made it especially challenging because nothing should last for 20 miles,” Brown said.

The smell is safe, but certainly unpleasant.

Brown said the farm told his office they have used the same product, amount and distributor for years so the cause for the intensity is unknown.

“We think part of this might have to do with the recent rain that we got that may have played some role in making it stronger,” Brown said.

They are hoping the smell clears out over the next couple of days.