It was hard to say goodbye for hundreds of people who remember fallen Deputy Dennis Wallace as "a great man."

Wallace was shot twice in the head Sunday morning after calling for backup while investigating a stolen van at Fox Grove Park in Hughson.

Several dozen people shared personal stories of Wallace at a vigil Sunday night in Hughson.

"We truly loved each other and I can tell you that Dennis fully loved this community," said Dave Wallace, Dennis' brother. "We were both sons of a law enforcement officer. That's all he ever wanted to do as kids. We were both able to fulfill that dream."

Hundreds of people lit candles and paid tribute to a man who was not only loved and respected but everyone's friend.

Many cried saying he made a very big impact throughout the entire community.

"If you did any wrong in this community he would make sure to correct you in the right way," said Daniel Mediros, Wallace's neighbor. "He would not be rude of cruel."

One woman said Wallace helped her family after she lost her son last year.

First responders also came out to grieve and share their favorite memories of Wallace who was killed in the line of duty Sunday night. One said he remembered Wallace was always working hard and it was always an adventure.

Before the vigil ended Sunday night, Dennis Wallace's brother thanked people for coming out and reminded them of hope.

"Right now it's kind of in a fog but the fog will clear the sun will shine and we cannot and will not let evil win," said Dave Wallace.