Despite reports stating she had been found safe, the parents of Annalise McClanahan-Calvert say their daughter has not been found, though they have spoken to her since her disappearance.

Annie’s mother, Kelly Ercolini has told ABC10 her daughter did call from a pay phone in the late hours of Sunday night, but the 16-year-old would not give her parents any information to her whereabouts.

"It was her voice but it was not Annie, it was not her tone, inflection, not her behavior, which is far more concerning," said Ercolini.

Ercolini said it was suspicious, so she asked her daughter if she could leave if she wanted to and Annie told her mother she could not. Annie's father Brad McClanahan said the family is being vague with the details of their conversation with Annie to protect her.

"She doesn't sound like she is safe, she doesn't sound like she is in control which is two things that are important to her, and this whole situation smells of fishiness," McClanahan. "We want to give the most accurate information that we can so we can help find her."

Sutter County Sheriff's Office officials have since clarified statements indicating the status of the missing teen, emphasizing investigators do not know where Annie is at this time, though the search is still active.

Sutter County Undersheriff Jeffery L. Pierce told ABC10 that his department does not have an active search area, but they are following through with every tip and lead.

"We have detectives on the case trying to get the case solved," said Pierce.

Annie was last seen April 5, stepping outside for fresh air during a mid-week church service. Ercolini said someone saw Annie walking in the parking lot of the church near a pomegranate orchard.

No one has reported seeing Annie since. If you have information on this case contact Sutter County Sheriff's Office.

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