A Facebook post about a missing girl from Sutter, Ca. has been circling online. The Sutter County Sheriff's Office confirmed 16-year-old Annalise McClanahan-Calvert disappeared on Wednesday from The Church of Glad Tidings in Live Oak.

The teen’s mother, Kelly Ercolini said her daughter was attending the mid-week church service with her when she disappeared.

"Forty-five minutes into the worship service, [Annie] walked out to use the bathroom and go outside to get some air," Ercolini said.

Ercolini said it was normal for Annie to step outside and take a break, but after five minutes of being gone, Kelly was worried.

Ercolini said someone saw Annie walking in the parking lot of the church near a pomegranate orchard. Sutter County Sheriff’s officials went through the 14 acres of pomegranates to look for the teen.

"There were six deputies, about two or four guys on ATVs,” Ercolini said. "We went home at 4 a.m.”

Ercolini said her daughter had health problems and could have passed out somewhere. Annie is a sophomore at Sutter Union High School and is very involved in church, she goes a couple of times a week.

"This just isn't like Annie, she wouldn't make us worry like this,” Ecolini said. “She would tell us that she is okay.”

Because Annie walked out of the church building voluntarily she has been labeled a runaway by the California Department of Justice. Sutter Sheriff is calling her a missing juvenile.

The church and Annie’s family have posted to social media but have heard nothing. They are working with Sutter Union High School this week, hoping to discover a lead.

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