Fireworks are not allowed in national forests, but a small town in the Tahoe National Forest found a way to have a firework display without the fire.

Every Fourth of July, residents in Sierra County gather in Downieville. After a parade, the town rolls out hundreds of feet of packing bubble wrap on main street. Then all the spectators take turns walking on the bubble wrap filling the air with loud crackling sounds.

Ingrid Larson and her husband started the tradition 14 years ago.

“I saw some bubble wrap in a Staples office store and thought let’s do it," Larson said.

It takes two rolls of industrial sized bubble wrap to cover about 250 feet of Main Street. The event has taken on the name “fireless fireworks.” The moment the bubble wrap is rolled out, locals begin stomping on the air filled plastic. The whole event is over in a matter of minutes.

“We can’t have fireworks in Sierra County because we are surrounded by trees. This is the next best thing," Larson said. It’s kind of hard to have 4th of July without fireworks but Downieville hopes that other towns start up a similar tradition.