For those with private health care, the days of sticker shock -- being hit with an out-of-network medical bill -- is no more.

You might have missed this, but a new California law took effect July 1 that allows those with private health insurance, as long as they're at an in-network facility, to see someone outside of their network and only pay the in-network costs.

According to the California Health Care Foundation, more than 14 million people statewide get private health insurance.

"Before, families could be following all the rules, making sure that they're in-network, doing the right thing, and then still be caught in this gotcha situation, and be hit with unexpected, surprise bills upwards of a couple thousand dollars," said Kimberly Chen, government affairs manager at the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network.

The law also prevents collections and even having liens placed on one's home. Moreover, doctors have to refund overpayments within 30 days.

Here's a more detailed breakdown: