The new year is bringing a new lease on life for Roo the Rooster, who is now getting a second chance through a therapy wheelchair.

Roo, a rescue rooster, is now walking and sleeping in his own coop after he got injured in October.

Darcy Smith rescued Roo. She discovered a chicken wheelchair and ordered it from Australia to help Roo regain strength.

After several weeks of therapy in the wheelchair and help from Smith's daughter as a "physical therapist," Roo is almost back to his old self.

The story of his recovery initially went viral after our first story aired in November. Smith received Christmas cards and messages of well wishes from all over the world.

"Last time when you were here and did the news story on Roo in the wheelchair, it went crazy and it was picked up from other countries," Smith said.

As for people who have questioned her love for chickens, she said he's a pet.

"He's more than just a chicken," Smith said. "He's a family pet so eating him is not even an option even if he gets sick."

She's also hoping to show people it's important to give second chances to animals even if others don't believe they deserve it.

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