Most Bay Area voters actually support raising tolls on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

That's according to a Dec. 20 poll commissioned by the Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The poll, which surveyed more than 4,000 likely voters across the Bay Area's nine counties, found that 54 percent of people support a $3 toll increase, which would apply to all Bay Area toll bridges except the Golden Gate Bridge.

That means you could eventually see a $9 toll on the Bay Bridge.

"Under this scenario, it would be a $3 toll increase spread out over eight years from 2019 to 2017," said MTC spokesman John Goodwin.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 595 into law in October, which allows the Bay Area Bridge Authority to raise tolls up to $3, but only if approved by voters.

According to U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey data, on average, more than 2,000 people from the Sacramento area commute by car to San Francisco daily.

It remains to be seen if the commission spreads out the proposed bridge toll increase or does it all at once.

They're expected to decide on those specifics -- the measure is expected to go on the June 2018 ballot for voters in those nine counties -- at their scheduled Jan. 24 meeting.

Revenues from the toll increase would go towards improving traffic congestion.