As crews work tirelessly to reinforce Lake Oroville’s crippled spillway, there is concern surrounding how incoming rain could impact the integrity of freshly laid concrete.

Crews are adding chemicals to the concrete to make it dry quicker. Matthew’s Concrete has three facilities mixing concrete for the dam repairs in Oroville, Yuba and Chico. Trucks were going in and out of the facilities 24/7 because the emergency spillway is under 24-hour repair.

Employees from Matthew’s said they are using a concrete cement that dries quickly and won’t be affected by the rain they said they are filling in holes where the erosion is down to bed rock. They said the only things that would stop them from pouring is torrential downpour. Matthew’s plans to continue pouring until they are told to stop.

Gravel and boulder truck operators are also hauling material all day. We spoke to Manuel Medrano, owner of Orville Products he said he has nine trucks working non-stop to help secure the dam.

“We’re just hauling the material to where they need it as fast as we can, we are stockpiling it, and after that they take it.” Medrano said.

He said they have another truck take the load after the drop it.

“They have one of those big looking Tonka trucks take it to the site and they have the helicopters." he added.

One of the other issues the Matthew’s Concrete is facing at the Oroville site is they are backed up next to the river, where the releases from the spillway are creating flooding. So now the company is trying to stop the pour site from flooding and get as many trucks out as possible.