The Woodland Police Department is mourning the loss of their retired K-9 Peydro.

Peydro was critically injured on May 28, 2016, when he was struck by a car while attempting to detain a suspect who was trying to escape on a bicycle. The collision caused damage to Peydro’s teeth and jaws, as well as extensive damage to his vertebrae, police said. Pins were placed in his lower back during the four-hour surgery.

The Woodland community, and people from around the world, donated to Peydro’s recovery. Nine days after his surgery, Peydro was released from the hospital and seven days after that, he was walking again.

Peydro officially retired in October 2016 and spent his retirement with his partner, Officer Juan Barrera.

However, the police department made the sad announcement that Peydro had passed away unexpectedly Wednesday morning.

It remains unknown what happened, though Barrera noted he was with Peydro when he started displaying signs of an unknown illness.

Peydro was rushed to a veterinarian, but unfortunately passed away before arriving.

“We were saddened to learn of Peydro’s passing today. He was an excellent K-9 and we were proud to call him part of the Woodland Police family,” said Lt. Parsons, who oversaw the K-9 program during Peydro’s time of service. “Peydro will remain in our hearts and serve as a reminder of the positive relationship and support we have with and from our community as evidenced by the overwhelming response when Peydro was injured in the line of duty.”

Peydro was awarded the American Kennel Club’s Paw of Courage Award in March of 2017.

Parsons added his thanks to the community who followed Peydro through his recovery, saying “it was heartwarming to see how much this community loved him.”

He will truly be missed, Parsons said.