How would you look, after more than a 2,600 mile hike, from the bottom to the top of the country?

Andy Davidhazy knew the answer, every step of the way after tackling the Pacific Crest Trail.

"Right now it's just a blur," said Davidhazy, "it's not my face it's someone else's' face."

He took a selfie at every single mile. He started the adventure in April of 2013 and finished during the beginning of October 2013.

"I did this to test my limitations and my commitment and having to take a photograph of myself every single mile was a further test of that commitment," said Davidhazy.

You might be wondering why this was catching internet fame in 2015? "First, you don't want to deal with it. You know how much work it's going to be, to edit this into a proper video," he explained.

Within the last month, he decided it was time to sift through all of the photos, clean them up, and get them ready to publish.

He said he spent about a week making sure each mile was accurate. "I referred to my written journals, as well as my maps that I had, as well as the time stamps," said Davidhazy.

Then it took a couple of weeks to get the video together. Now, it's posted to his blog, and was gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

"I think it just kind of highlights the human experience rather than the trail itself, and don't get me wrong the trail experience is much, much better than my face, much, much better, but I think that's how people relate to this. It's just a regular guy and you see him transform," said Davidhazy.

He did run into roadblock during the trek. Not far from the finish, an unusual September snowstorm hit Washington.

"There was no way just 200 miles from Canada, after all I had went through, that I was wanting to quit, but I also didn't want to die, so I made a road detour," said Davidhazy.

He found a safer, side road and finished his trek into Canada on pavement.

But he would be drawn back to finish the trail photos he started.

"So last summer, 2014 I went back to Snoqualmie Pass and I re-hiked that last 260 miles to Canada on the trail," said Davidhazy.

He said he struggled with the accomplishment, and said he didn't finish 'exactly' what he set out to do."I didn't feel an obligation to go back for the hike itself, I felt an obligation to go back for all these pictures," he added. Davidhazy described the whole ordeal as the "hardest simple thing he could think of to challenge himself."

He said he didn't do it for fun or for the experience. He did it for the accomplishment. "You either hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada -- or you don't. There are no shortcuts."